2013. január 26., szombat

New solo on the 2013 SoloDuo Festival Budapest

The solo "Straight to the top" is the first station of a new collaboration between Maté Andrássy (actor/comedian) and Milan Ujvari. The solo won the audience prize on the 2013 International SoloDuo Festival in Budapest.( http://www.szoloduo.com/bevezeto.htm) 

Choreography: Milán Újvári
Performer: Máté Andrássy
Music: Tom Waits
Text: Charles Bukowski: Another Bed
Lights: Milán Újvári

Charles Bukowsk: ANOTHER BED

another bed
another women

more curtains
another bathroom
another kitchen

other eyes
other hair
feet and toes.

everybodys looking.
the eternal search.

you stay in bed 
she gets dressed for work
and you wonder what happened
to the last one
and the one after that...
it's all so comfortable-
this love making
this sleeping together
the gentle kindness...

after she leaves you get up and use her 

it's all so intimate and strange.
you go back to bed and 
sleep another hour.

when you leave its with sadness
but you'll se her again
whether it works or not.
you drive down to the shore and sit
in your car. it's almost noon.

-another bed, other ears, other
ear rings, other mouths, other slippers, other

colors, doors, phone numbers.

you were once strong enough to live alone.
for a man nearing sixty you should be more

you start the car and shift,
thinking, I'll phone Jeanie when I get in,
I haven't seen her since Friday.

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