2012. február 17., péntek

two short piece on the International SoloDuo Festival

The solo "Talk to me" is trying to find the meeting pont between pop music and contemporary dance, while reflecting on the actor telling styles. An absorded young woman trying to find freedom while listening electropop music

Performer: Egyed Beja
Music: Peaches
Photo: Mátyás Sarvady
Choreogrpaher: Milan Ujvari

The solo "From the waltz till the mambo" is focusing on the relationship of the movement and text. What could dance have meant fifty years ago and what dose it mean today. An eight minutes long meeting of a body an object and a text. The Solo won the "Best solo" prize and the "Audience prize" on the 2012. International SoloDuo Festival Budapest.

Choreographer/Performer: Milán Újvári
Music: Dj Rupture, Richard heese
Photo: Mátyás Sarvady

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