2011. április 11., hétfő

Entremans (ES) radioballet (HU): 3x2

radioballet: Small Change/Loose Change
photo: Tibor Várnagy

2011.05.04-05. 12:00,18:00
    You can witness some unusual street (dance) scenes if you happen to pass through Kálvin tér (Budapest) in early May. The ad hoc formation of the Galician Entremans company and Milán Újvári (radioballet) examines the relationship between men and women through the use of public spaces and passersby.

   Have you the joke about the dancer meeting an odd musician in the street? Street dance action isn’t unusual for Milán Újvári – on this occasion, Újvári, who worked with a number of renowned companies in the past (Compagnie Pál Frenák, Cirque du Soleil, Rui Horta Stage Works) will be joined by renowned dancer Bea Egyed, and the English composer currently living in Budapest, Lawrence Williams.

Performers: EGYED Bea, Lawrence WILLIAMS, ÚJVÁRI Milán
Music: Lawrence WILLIAMS
Photo: VÁRNAGY Tibor
Choreography: ÚJVÁRI Milán

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